A Midsummer Night's Dream (Ballet)

Mikael Karlsson

1h 25 min

Alexander Ekman's exceptional ballet A Midsummer Night's Dream was created for the Royal Swedish Ballet with a score by award winning Mikael Karlsson. At the premiere the piece immediately established itself as a front representative of the new generation of dance – energetic, skilled and filled with humor.


This contemporary ballet explores the energy and the mysteries of the summer solstice night in Scandinavian tradition. In addition to the dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet, nine musicians participate on stage, including experimental pop singer Anna von Hausswolff, acclaimed percussionist Niklas Brommare and the classical string Quartet Dahlkvistkvartetten.

Music by Mikael Karlsson

Premiered on April 17, 2015 at the Royal Swedish Opera


Royal Swedish Ballet


Artistic team

Choreographer and stage director | Alexander Ekman

Sound designer | Mikael Karlsson and Alexander Ekman

Costume designer | Bregje van Balen

Lighting designer | Linus Fellbom


Teatro Real
Georg Friedrich Händel
Mark Morris Dance Group

In keeping with his artistic path and a commitment to live music, Mark Morris always looks for the collaboration and contribution of the best artists of our time. In this production, he brings together sopranos Sarah-Jane Brandon and Elizabeth Watts, tenor James Gilchrist and bass Andrew Foster-Williams, accompanied by the Chorus and Orchestra of the Teatro Real, to perform Händel’s lovely piece L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, conducted by Jane Glover. The production is divided into two acts, the choreography creates 32 scenes inspired by the paintings of William Blake.


A presence of group and choral structure predominate in this creation, characterised by vibrant, spontaneous movement. The journey travels from the melancholy at the outset to a contagious energy, where the community is more important than the individual, making the point that human beings are truly happy when they are part of something greater.


*Title available only in non-EU countries, with the exception of Spain
Teatro Real
G. Verdi / R. Wagner
Alain Platel, Les Ballets C de la B

The greatest project of the Belgian choreographer Alain Platel, a combination of opera, dance and theatre with Verdi and Wagner choruses, superbly performed by the Teatro Real Chorus.


C(h)œurs is an exploration of the emotions generated when the individual encounters the group, the dynamic of collective movements, and the public-private dimension, all highly relevant subjects given the current trends in modern society.


The authors who inspired the creation are: José Ortega y Gasset, Elias Canetti, Mario Vargas Llosa and Jonathan Littell.

Teatro del Bicentenario
Georg Friedrich Händel
Mauricio Wainrot, Victoria Balanza

Wainrot said that creating a choreographic work with a theme like Messiah arose out of different needs, and at the premiere in Buenos Aires in 1999 he wrote in the programme: "I feel that, at the end of this millennium, being prominent protagonists of such a date and event, makes us in some way privileged witnesses and participants in the event. It may be a merely statistical date, but it undoubtedly has an emotional and mystical charge of the highest voltage. Messiah represents for me, at this special moment, a look at new and old utopias, a look inside ourselves, a need to listen to our intimate silences and to get closer to others, especially to those we love the most, to those who share our history and destiny and to those who were and are witnesses of so many joys and hardships. Creating Messiah has been a personal experience that moves me to be able to participate with everyone."


The work takes place in a wonderful atmosphere created by Carlos Gallardo's set and costumes, where everything is crystal clear, diaphanous as a sky - floor, backdrop, benches, costumes and the scenographic box that contains it - providing a perfect setting for the ballet.

Royal Opera House
Joby Talbot
Christopher Wheeldon, The Royal Ballet

Christopher Wheeldon has magically captured the twists and turns of Lewis Carroll's classic story, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, in his 2011 ballet. Bob Crowley's vivid outfits and costumes take us down the rabbit hole in a world full of color, curious creatures, and captivating characters.


Joby Talbot's original score is full of radical melodies and contemporary sounds. Lauren Cuthbertson stars as the inquisitive Alice, with Federico Bonelli as the charming Jack of Hearts, Steven McRae as the Mad Hatter dancing tap dance, and Laura Morera as the formidable Queen of Hearts. This lush and attractive ballet is spectacular entertainment for the whole family.


With the collaboration of Naxos

Glyndebourne Festival
Brett Dean
Vladimir Jurowski, Neil Armfield

The world premiere recording of Brett Dean’s new opera based on Shakespeare’s best-known tragedy: To be, or not to be. This is Hamlet’s dilemma, and the essence of Shakespeare’s most famous and arguably greatest work, given new life in operatic form in this original Glyndebourne commission. Thoughts of murder and revenge drive Hamlet when he learns that it was his uncle Claudius who killed his father, the King of Denmark, then seized his father’s crown and wife.


But Hamlet’s vengeance vies with the question: is suicide a morally valid deed in an unbearably painful world? Dean’s colourful, energetic, witty and richly lyrical music expertly captures the modernity of Shakespeare’s timeless tale, while also exploiting the traditional operatic elements of arias, ensembles and choruses. Matthew Jocelyn’s inspired libretto is pure Shakespeare, adhering to the Bard’s narrative thread but abridging, reconfiguring and interweaving it into motifs that highlight the main dramatic themes: death, madness, the impossibility of certainty and the complexities of action.


With the collaboration of Naxos