Der Prinz von Homburg

Hans Werner Henze

1h 53 min
Spanish , English

The opera is set in Fehrbellin in Brandenburg during the Prusso-Swedish Wars, immediately after the Swedish defeat at the battle of Fehrbellin in 1675. Prince Friedrich and Princess Natalie are in love, and she is promised to him by the Elector. Field Marshal Dörfling outlines the plan of battle, but the Prince day-dreams about the Princess. During the battle, not having listened to the orders he was given, he attacks prematurely, endangering the outcome by sending his cavalry after retreating Swedes. Nevertheless, the attack is successful. The Elector orders to arrest the disobedient officer.


The Prince is imprisoned, and the Elector is expected to ratify the sentence of death. The Prince appeals through Princess Natalie, but she is told that the Prince must agree with the legitimacy of the sentence. Natalie uses her Dragoons to free the Prince. Meanwhile, the Elector, knowing that he has taught the Prince his lesson, decides to pardon him. Blindfolded, the Prince is led towards his execution, but when the blindfold is removed, the Elector gives him the hand of the Princess.


With the collaboration of Naxos

Music by Hans Werner Henze

Premiered in 1960 in Hamburg

Revised 1991 version

Orchestra of the Staatsoper Stuttgart


Artistic team

Conductor | Cornelius Meister

Stage director | Stephan Kimmig

Costume designer | Anja Rabes



Elector of Brandenburg | Štefan Margita

Electress | Helene Schneiderman

Princess Natalie de Orange | Vera-Lotte Böcker

Prince of Hamburg | Robin Adams

Count Hohenzollern | Moritz Kallenberg

Field Marshal Dörfling | Michael Ebbecke


Teatro Real
Claudio Monteverdi
William Christie, Pier Luigi Pizzi