PROMO MOP Anne Schwanewilms LIED DAVID


Anne Schwanewilms & Malcolm Martineau

Various authors

1h 36m
Varios idiomas
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Anne Schwanewilms' debut is one of the most eagerly awaited at LIFE Victoria. Born in Germany, she excels in the female roles created by Richard Strauss - her last appearance in Barcelona was Arabella at the Liceu - but also in Wagnerian roles such as Elsa (Lohengrin) or Elisabeth (Tannhäuser), as well as in other titles such as Dialogue des Carmélites, Wozzeck or Otello. Inspired by the drama of opera, the soprano performs once again in Barcelona in a programme divided into four parts, four journeys of the soul that review some of her favourite recitalistic composers.


In the first part, Himmelfahrt (Ascension) will perform Lieder eteris by Mahler, such as "Wo die Trompeten blasen" and Debussy, such as "L'invitation au voyage", which gives its name to the 2020 edition. The three Lieder d'Ofelia by Strauss, her composer of choice, will be the focus of the second part devoted to Reisen in den Irrsinn (Journeys into Madness), while Debussy's Proses lyriques will be the focus of the Traumreisen (Poetic Journeys). Finally, Wolf's Lieder will bring the magic to a close with the last part Phantasiereisen (Journeys into Fantasy) of this long-awaited recital.

Anne Schwanewilms, soprano

Malcolm Martineau, piano



Metaphysical journeys


Gustav Mahler (1872-1942)
Das himmlische Leben / Das Urlicht / Wo die Trompeten blasen



Journeys to Poetry

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Proses lyriques
De rêve / De grève / De fleurs / De soir


Reisen zur Melancholie
Journeys to Madness

Henri Duparc (1848-1933)
Au pays où se fait la guerre / L’invitation au voyage / Phidylè



Journeys to Fantasy

Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)
Im Frühling / Gesang Weylas / Das verlassene Mägdlein / Auf einer Wanderung


Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles
Varios autores
Kate Royal, Joseph Middleton

With songs by Mahler, Liszt, Schumann, Vaughan Williams, Guastavino and others, British soprano Kate Royal, together with Joseph Middleton on piano, will explain a young man's journey from dawn to dusk, reaching the deep hours of the - sometimes difficult - night. A song for every hour of the day, beginning at six o'clock in the morning in a vital way with Mahler's spring morning Frühlingsmorgen and ending at five o'clock the next morning in a more sombre and passionate way with Wolf's Morgenstimmung.


Two sides of the same coin and of seeing the dawn, in the midst of which this young woman presents herself to us as hedonistic (with Guastavino's Siesta) and profound (with Schumann's Mondnacht); nostalgic (with Korngold's Mond so geht du wieder auf) and earthy (with Bernstein's Rabbit stew). A highly personal cycle created by the soprano and pianist that is a journey through the human psyche and the different states of the soul. Before, Pau Armengol and Álvaro Carnicero participate in the recital as LIFE New Artists with a short selection of Lieder by Schubert and Schumann.



Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles
Various authors
Frederica von Stade, Albert Guinovart

"I was in Barcelona during the Olympic Games, and I had the opportunity to listen to Victoria de los Ángeles. And listening to her sing that song ... magical aria, I thought I was in heaven. It is really the most beautiful thing I have ever heard". This is how the mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade -Flicka as she is affectionately called- remembers the experience of listening to Victoria de los Ángeles singing El cant dels ocells during the closing of the Olympic Games in Barcelona at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc in 1992.


With a brilliant career behind her -from the Metropolitan to La Scala, addressing all kinds of genres and styles, from the musical to Mozart- von Stade left her permanent lyrical activity in 2010, focusing on teaching through masterclasses and specific projects that awoke her interest, such as participation in Lembit Beecher's opera Sky on Wings in 2018 at the Philadelphia Opera, or the creation of lyrics for Jake Heggie's Paper Wings song cycle. This sincere esteem and admiration for Victoria are what made it possible for Flicka to return to a European stage and for her to do so within LIFE Victoria. She offers a very personal tribute recital to the Catalan soprano - to whom Albert Guinovart accompanied for years - but also in retrospect of her impressive career from a splendid interpretive maturity, which gives the song a new dimension. Heartfelt thanks, Flicka!

Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles
Varios autores
Sílvia Schwartz, Malcolm Martineau

In addition to postponing her LIFE Victoria debut - scheduled for spring 2020 - Sylvia Schwartz's confinement also led her to reflect on the power of escape. Music is precisely one of the quickest ways to escape, how with these vibrations in the air we can flee to other worlds, embarking on perhaps one of the most intense journeys. The soprano presents us with a three-part programme, together with Malcolm Martineau, which also becomes very pictorial (another evasive world): in the first, dedicated to German Lied, we experience romantic evasion through passionate poetry, as in a painting by Friedrich; in the second, we escape through Granados into the world of Goya, an evasion that the composer himself experienced at a time of war - the First World War - which ended his own life; in the third, Poulenc presents us with the most primal and greatest evasion: that of children. Before that, the promising Lluís Calvet i Pey and Èric Varas on piano offer two delightful cycles, as LIFE New Artists: Let us Garlands Bring by Finzi and Chansons gaillardes by Poulenc, in which constant reference is made to an ideal woman... called Sylvia.

Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles
Franz Schubert
Samuel Hasselhorn, Ammiel Bushakevitz

In October 2020, the Victoria de Los Angeles Festival programs the Winterreise for the first time.

The baritone Samuel Hasselhorn accompanied on piano by Ammiel Bushakevitz takes us into Schubert's Winter Journey.



Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles
Franz Schubert
Fleur Barron, Julius Drake

Woman voice journey

Dedicating the edition to the journeys of the soul, it was almost mandatory to start the 2021 festival with Winterreise, this winter journey, introspective, mysterious ... and an inexhaustible source of interpretations and nuances. Thus, throughout 2020-21 we will have approached the Schubert cycle through various visions: the most classic, with the baritone but young and fresh interpretation of Samuel Hasselhorn and the experience of Malcolm Martineau; a more innovative one, with the dramatic approach of Rafael R. Villalobos in the countertenor thesis of Xavier Sabata and Francisco Poyato at the piano; and finally that of a reference tenor like Mark Padmore, representative of the English school, with James Baillieu at the piano. This list could not miss the feminine approach to travel, and nobody better to do it than the mezzo-soprano Fleur Barron, who will offer, together with the always romantic Julius Drake at the piano, a vision with a lot to say about the myth of Schubert and what not. will leave no one indifferent.