What is it

Enjoy the best operas at home or anywhere else. Check the quality of our service for free by choosing one of the free access title.

Live events and video archive titles produced in high definition and high quality digital audio which you can receive via streaming.

The My Opera Player Archive offers video on demand (VoD) of performances recorded in high definition and extra content for more in-depth understanding of the operas. The Video Library is constantly expanding, adding titles which will let you enjoy the latest productions whenever you want. With My Opera Player, users can see exclusive live audiovisual content and a selection of operas and other shows from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you decide to subscribe, you will have unlimited access during the subscription period (six months or one year) to all our content, and to any live-streamed events during that period.

Another option is to buy tickets for live events, which will give you access to the streaming on the day and time shown on the website.

If you buy a Video Library ticket, you will have access to the content for 72 hours since the payment is done.

My Opera Player belongs to the Teatro Real and offers free access to its promotional videos, with interviews and other audiovisual content.

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