Gift card - TERMS OF SALE

What is it?

The My Opera Player Gift Card offers access to the platform for six or twelve months for the person who receives it.



  • Duration: Six months from the moment of purchase.
  • Immediacy: It is redeemable from the moment of purchase.
  • Convenience: You can choose postal delivery or online delivery of a code. The person who receives it must redeem this code in My Opera Player.


How does it work?

The recipient of a Gift Card can redeem it on the My Opera Player website.
As soon as the code included in the card is entered in the corresponding box on the My Opera Player purchase page and click on Apply, the six or twelve month access (depending on the gift card purchased), will be displayed with a price of 0€.
Completing the purchase process for €0 will give you access.


Relevant information

  • The purchase process of the gift card will be carried out in the Teatro Real's own environment, outside My Opera Player. To do so, the user must register or log in to the Teatro Real environment with their own account for that environment.
  • The access generated by the redemption of the Gift Card cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • The Gift Card is only redeemable for the corresponding access to My Opera Player.
  • The Gift Card is a document for the bearer, who is responsible for its use.
  • In case of theft, loss, misplacement or damage, the Gift Card will not be replaced.
  • Under no circumstances will exchanges or returns of the Gift Card be accepted.
  • Delivery of the Gift Card is subject to shipping costs. It is also recommended to check delivery dates.