Teatro del Bicentenario de la Ciudad de San Juan

Teatro del Bicentenario

Teatro del Bicentenario in the city of San Juan, Argentina is one of the most important cultural centers in the country. The modern design and outstanding technological and acoustic conditions of its Main Hall place the theater among the best stages of the world enabling the staging of major shows.

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1129 people
Eduardo Savastano View Director
Silvana Moreno View Art director
Teatro del Bicentenario
Georg Friedrich Händel
Mauricio Wainrot, Victoria Balanza

Wainrot said that creating a choreographic work with a theme like Messiah arose out of different needs, and at the premiere in Buenos Aires in 1999 he wrote in the programme: "I feel that, at the end of this millennium, being prominent protagonists of such a date and event, makes us in some way privileged witnesses and participants in the event. It may be a merely statistical date, but it undoubtedly has an emotional and mystical charge of the highest voltage. Messiah represents for me, at this special moment, a look at new and old utopias, a look inside ourselves, a need to listen to our intimate silences and to get closer to others, especially to those we love the most, to those who share our history and destiny and to those who were and are witnesses of so many joys and hardships. Creating Messiah has been a personal experience that moves me to be able to participate with everyone."


The work takes place in a wonderful atmosphere created by Carlos Gallardo's set and costumes, where everything is crystal clear, diaphanous as a sky - floor, backdrop, benches, costumes and the scenographic box that contains it - providing a perfect setting for the ballet.

Teatro del Bicentenario
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Emmanuel Siffert, Eugenio Zanetti

Trying to escape from a monster, Prince Tamino enters the territory of the Queen of the Night. During his fight with the monster, he falls unconscious. Three Ladies of the queen's court kill the monster with their magic and finally save the prince. Upon awakening, the prince sees the dead monster and, next to him, finds Papageno, a bird hunter in the service of the queen, who claims to be Taminos’ savior. Papageno takes credit for defeating the monster. Enraged with Papageno for his lie, the Queen of the Night orders her Three Ladies to punish him by placing a gold padlock on his mouth. After meeting Prince Tamino, the Queen of the Night asks him to rescue her beautiful daughter Pamina, who is kept captive by the evil King Sarastro. The noble Tamino accepts the challenge. He undertakes the crusade with Papageno, who agrees to go with him on the mission in order to be forgiven and released from his punishment. The Queen of the Night gives Tamino an invaluable magical object, a magic flute that has the power to change the state of every living beings.


Pamina finds herself captive in the palace of King Sarastro, and is stalked by Monostatos, a servant of the king and vile suitor of her love. Sarastro discovers how bad Monostatos treats Pamina and decides to exile him.Tamino falls in love with the Princess and asks Sarastro for Pamina’s hand. The King and his priests discuss whether to accept or not the initiation of Tamino and Papageno. Everyone accepts the proposal, but they require both to achieve virtue by passing three tests. Three wise kids impose them the test of silence, and lead Tamino to a forest where there are temples dedicated to Wisdom, Reason and Nature. Once there, a Priest explains Tamino that Sarastro is a noble and wise person. The solemn and moving atmosphere awakens in Tamino the desire for knowledge. Upon passing the imposed tests, Tamino understands that Sarastro has retained Pamina to protect her from her heartless mother and thus obtains the grace of the monarch. Papageno, for the help provided, gets an almost divine luck: he finds Papagena with whom he can share his life.


Besides that, Sarastro defeats the Queen of the Night, since good always triumphs over evil and light makes darkness disappear.