Die Zauberflöte - Teatro Bicentenario

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2h 37m
Spanish , English

Trying to escape from a monster, Prince Tamino enters the territory of the Queen of the Night. During his fight with the monster, he falls unconscious. Three Ladies of the queen's court kill the monster with their magic and finally save the prince. Upon awakening, the prince sees the dead monster and, next to him, finds Papageno, a bird hunter in the service of the queen, who claims to be Taminos’ savior. Papageno takes credit for defeating the monster. Enraged with Papageno for his lie, the Queen of the Night orders her Three Ladies to punish him by placing a gold padlock on his mouth. After meeting Prince Tamino, the Queen of the Night asks him to rescue her beautiful daughter Pamina, who is kept captive by the evil King Sarastro. The noble Tamino accepts the challenge. He undertakes the crusade with Papageno, who agrees to go with him on the mission in order to be forgiven and released from his punishment. The Queen of the Night gives Tamino an invaluable magical object, a magic flute that has the power to change the state of every living beings.


Pamina finds herself captive in the palace of King Sarastro, and is stalked by Monostatos, a servant of the king and vile suitor of her love. Sarastro discovers how bad Monostatos treats Pamina and decides to exile him.Tamino falls in love with the Princess and asks Sarastro for Pamina’s hand. The King and his priests discuss whether to accept or not the initiation of Tamino and Papageno. Everyone accepts the proposal, but they require both to achieve virtue by passing three tests. Three wise kids impose them the test of silence, and lead Tamino to a forest where there are temples dedicated to Wisdom, Reason and Nature. Once there, a Priest explains Tamino that Sarastro is a noble and wise person. The solemn and moving atmosphere awakens in Tamino the desire for knowledge. Upon passing the imposed tests, Tamino understands that Sarastro has retained Pamina to protect her from her heartless mother and thus obtains the grace of the monarch. Papageno, for the help provided, gets an almost divine luck: he finds Papagena with whom he can share his life.


Besides that, Sarastro defeats the Queen of the Night, since good always triumphs over evil and light makes darkness disappear.

Opera in two acts


Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder

Premiered on September 30, 1791 at the Theater Auf Der Wien, Viena

Spanish version by Guillermo Ángel Opitz and Raúl Neumann, revised by Ulrich Leisinger (Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg)

Production of the Teatro del Bicentenario de San Juan

World premiere

Symphony Orchestra of the Philosophy, Humanities and Arts Faculty of the National University of San Juan and University Chorus


Artistic team

Set conception, general direction, costumes and set design, media and stage direction | Eugenio Zanetti

Conductor | Emmanuel Siffert

Chorus master | Jorge Romero

Choreography director | Silvana Moreno

Stagecraft director | Sergio Manganelli

Technical director | Cristian Guajardo

Scenic paint manager | Gunnar Ahmer

Art director | Mauro Puppo

Lighting designer | Eli Sirlin

Children's chorus master | Jorge Fuentes

Répétiteur | Eduviges Piccone



Tamino | Duilio Smiriglia

Pamina | Marina Silva

Papageno | Fernando Lázari

Queen of the Night | Laura Pisani

Sarastro | Cristian de Marco

Monostatos | Osvaldo Peroni

Papagena | Sabrina Pedreira

Three Ladies | Ivana Ledesma

Romina Pedrozo | Claudia Lepe

Speaker / Priest | Roman Modzelewski

Three spirits

  • Micaela Sánchez Polverini
  • Ma. Sol Sánchez Polverini
  • Abril Roitman

Priest / Man in armour | Octavio Sosa

Man in armour | Luis Pulenta



Audiovisual content

  • Bruno Arante
  • Federico Schiaroli
  • Juan Manuel Noguera


  • Set props manager | Lorena López
  • Hands props manager | M. Ángeles Carbajo

Prop makers

  • Rolando Ruiz
  • Candela Obredor
  • Noe Sirena
  • Natacha Saez
  • Cristian Márquez
  • Cecilia Berón
  • Betina Laspiur
  • Flavia Castro

Surtitles edition | Francisco Castillo

Stage carpenters | Miguel Sisterna, Diego Miriani

Stage blacksmith | Gerardo Ontiveros, Alejandro Rosales


  • Molding, Cutting and Coordination | Mirta Varas
  • Sewing | Estela Quiroga, Gladys Narváez, Graciela Sanchez, Mónica Varas, Zulema Guevara
  • Pictorial intervention | Claudina Gomensoro, Alejandro Damián, Carla Garbi Job

Headdress | Alejandro Damián, Cecilia Berón, Betiana Laspiur, Ma. Ángeles Carbajo

Stage Manager | Monika Skowron

Assistant to the Stage Manager | Francisco Castillo, Paula Torres

Direction assistant | Juan Varela

Master electrician | Marcelo Guirado

Light board operator and assistant | Martin Fernández Paponi, Gabriela Di Luciano

Stagecraft coordinator | Hugo Chacón

Lighting technicians

  • Diego Balmaceda
  • Guillermo González
  • Rodolfo Mierd
  • Roberto González
  • Seguidores
  • Rodolfo Mierd
  • Roberto González
  • Benjamín Escalante
  • Esteban Guardia

Video operators | Federico Schiaroli, Juan Manuel Noguera

Video and audio assistant | Rolando Ruíz

Audio operator | Marco Monje

Sound mix | Fernando Campero

Stage equipment manager | Diego Miriani

Stage equipment

  • Miguel Sisterna
  • Gerardo Ontiveros
  • Darío Frías
  • Jorge Guevara
  • Cristian Márquez
  • Raúl Vera
  • Marcos Mercado
  • Franco Cabello

Props | M. Ángeles Carbajo, Cecilia Berón

Scenic paint manager |  Gunnar Ahmer

Assistants | Jorge Moreno, Federico Peralta

Scenic painters

  • Magdalena Bianchetti
  • Patricio Le-Beuffe
  • Renzo Martín
  • Franco Méndez
  • Gabriela Rosales
  • Pamela Sirvente Tejada
  • María Candelaria Tascheret
  • Gabriel Tejada Perosa
  • Noelia Trenkner

Aerial operations | Eduardo Rodríguez & Staff

Surtitles | Milagros García

Communication | Andrea Herrera

Graphic designer | Charly Fernández

Social media | Julián Vargas, Juan Vita

Photographer | Adrián Carrizo

Quality | Javier Olguín

Marketing CMO | Natalia Allayme

Files | Alejandrina Ventura

Artistic production director | Silvana Moreno

Artistic production coordinator | Marta Sisterna

Educational programs coordinator | Mariana Romero

Artistic production | Paula Torres, José Meni

Planning and programming | Andrea Moyano

Logistics | Fernando Espejo

Logistics assistant | Carina Pozo

Theatrical makeup | Alejandro & Staff


  • Gabriela Abelin
  • Carla Garbi Job
  • Mirta Varas
  • Estela Quiroga
  • Gladys Narvaez
  • Graciela Sánchez
  • Mónica Varas
  • Tatiana Vázquez

Répétiteurs | Eduviges Piccone, Lionel Fisher

General direction | Eduardo Savastano

Direction assistant | Belén Zamora

Auditorium coordinator | Gemma Soria

Maintenance director | Gregorio Hierrezuelo


  • Andrés Aguilar
  • Miguel Eduardo Bernal
  • Javier Fernández
  • Sergio Ferrada
  • Leonardo Chavez
  • Javier López
  • Enrique Goyochea
  • Esteban Rivero
  • Nicolás Ortiz

HR manager | Lorena Ruffa


  • Agustina Marún
  • Carina Pozo López
  • Geovana Rivera

Administration manager | Gerardo Ruggieri

Administrative assistant | Mariana Gomez

Tickets | Yanina Nollén, Nadia Lima

Chief of main hall and guided tours | Leonardo Abarca, Martina Bustelo

Theatre hosts and guided tours assistants | Emiliano Rizzeto, Gonzalo Díaz Pellice

Theatre hosts and guides

  • Yanina Bragagnolo
  • Gisel de los Santos
  • Juan Pablo Sarmiento
  • Agustín Gómez
  • Julieta Gallastegui
  • Gabriel Roldán
  • Sol Gómez
  • Martín Navarro
  • Laura González 
  • María José Valdez
  • Agustín Agüero
  • Gabriela Rosales
  • Agostina Guevara
  • Ma. de los Ángeles Vázquez
  • Débora Escardilla
  • Alda Castro
  • Verónica Pedrol
  • Natanael Hierrezuelo
  • Ariel Pizarro
  • José Colpas
  • Néstor Guitiérrez

President | Mario Zaguirre

Administrative director | Luis Reynoso

Statutory auditor | Daniel Serrani

Legal advisor | Eleonora Vargas

Administrative coordinator - Ministry of Tourism and Culture | Juan Manuel Montilla


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