1. About My Opera Player

  2. First steps on My Opera Player

  3. Technical requirements and quality

  4. The My Opera Player content

  5. Availability outside of Spain


About My Opera Player

— What is My Opera Player?


My Opera Player is the streaming platform for opera, dance and concerts of the Teatro Real of Madrid, which offers an extensive video library of shows on demand through subscriptions or rentals of titles.



— How much does it cost to watch My Opera Player content?


You can enjoy My Opera Player unlimitedly by subscribing for one year for €79.99 (€6.70 per month), or for six months for €45.99 (€7.70 per month).

We also offer live events and the possibility to rent titles for 72 hours. Find out all the details here.



— Where can I watch My Opera Player?


On computers, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser. You can use both Windows and Mac computers.


If you use an Android or iOS mobile device (phone or tablet), you can also watch our titles. In both cases, using the browser: on iOS, use Safari; on Android, use Google Chrome. If you have an Android mobile or tablet, our app is already available. Coming soon, also on iOS.


You can also watch My Opera Player on your TV via:

  • Chromecast, sending the videos from a Chrome browser on Windows, Mac or Android.
  • Apple TV, or if your TV supports AirPlay, streaming content to the screen from your iOS device    
  • Connecting your TV to your computer, tablet or smartphone with an HDMI cable.


If you have a Samsung Smart TV, we offer a guide to linking your account to your TV here.



— Are operas subtitled?


All operas, with some exceptions, contain English and Spanish subtitles. Find out how to activate subtitles here.



First steps on My Opera Player

— How can I subscribe to My Opera Player?


You can check the subscription process in the Help section.



— What payment methods does My Opera Player accept?


All cards, except for American Express.



— Why didn't I receive the confirmation email after purchasing my ticket or subscription?


In some cases, your e-mail may interpret our messages as "Junk mail", which is why it is useful to add our e-mail address to your contacts. Check this folder and if you still do not receive it, please contact us at soporte@myoperaplayer.com



— Can I change my data?


Yes, first log in at the top right hand side. There, from the "MY INFORMATION" page, you will be able to consult:

  • Your username
  • The PIN you need to link your Samsung TV to your account
  • Your personal and payment details stored in the system
  • The end date of your subscription

If you need to change your password or login email, you can do so here. Fill in the box of the data you want to change and click on: "SAVE".



— Can I cancel my subscription?


My Opera Player is a service based on subscription, and yours will be automatically renewed every six or twelve months (depending on the plan). In order to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, enter the "MY INFORMATION" page and, at the bottom, you will be able to check the purchases made with date and price, and find the cancellation button.



— Can I enjoy my My Opera Player ticket or subscription from several devices simultaneously?


If you log in from a second device, you will be logged out of your previous device. Currently, it is not possible to watch an event or video on demand from multiple devices at the same time with the same user data. However, you can have a TV linked to your account and watch titles simultaneously on the TV and on any other device.



— I have purchased a live ticket, when will I be able to access the broadcast?


We recommend that you connect half an hour before the show starts, as live images will normally be shown from that time onwards, and you will avoid technical problems that may arise from numerous simultaneous connections.

*My Opera Player is in no way committed to broadcasting the entire Teatro Real season.



Technical requirements and quality

— What characteristics must my computer have in order to be able to enjoy the audiovisual content of My Opera Player?


  • Processor: Dual-Core or higher
  • RAM memory: 2 GB
  • Operating systems: Windows 10; Mac OSX 10.12 or higher; iOS 12 or higher, Android 9 or higher

- Browsers:

  • Latest versions of Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

- Connectivity by display device:

  • Computer monitors, TV-connected computers: minimum 3 Mbit/s
  • Computers connected to large TVs: minimum 8 Mbit/s

A broadband internet connection (ADSL, cable...) is required. The video quality will be adapted to the available bandwidth.


Users with low-speed connections (mobile networks, rural connections...) may experience undesired quality in the audiovisual content. We recommend that whenever possible, you access this service using high-speed connections (3 Mb/s or higher) of a stable type, such as ADSL or fibre optic, to facilitate uninterrupted playback. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your connection, please contact us at: soporte@myoperaplayer.com


- Audio and video quality


My Opera Player offers high definition audiovisual content. It can be played with a video resolution of up to 1920×1080 (4K in certain productions via Smart TV) and CD-quality stereo audio (16-bit, 44.1 kHz), which you can enjoy if your Internet connection allows it.



— I have the volume on my PC/iPad set to maximum, but the audio of the broadcast is too low. Why?


My Opera Player is a service designed to be enjoyed through external speakers or good quality headphones. Speakers built into personal computers or portable devices do not have sufficient amplification capacity to transmit the richness of sound of an opera or concert. Due to the wide dynamic range of sound in such performances, listening to them without the help of external speakers or headphones can give the impression that the average audio level is too low.



— I am connected with 3G from a laptop, tablet or other mobile device, and the video playback takes a long time to start or is pixelated.


The quality of 3G mobile connections can vary easily, especially if the device is moved. It is also possible that even if you have a 3G connection, you may be in an area where your mobile operator does not offer 3G coverage. In these cases, the capacity of the connection to receive video data may be reduced, which means that it will take longer for the device to receive enough data to start playing the video, or the picture quality may drop and become "pixelated". As mentioned, we recommend that, whenever possible, you access this service using high-speed (3 Mb/s or higher) stable connections, such as ADSL or fibre.



The My Opera Player content

— How can I find out which events will be streamed live during my subscription period?


My Opera Player informs you in advance of scheduled live broadcasts via the usual communication channels (social networks and Newsletter). You can also find information on the website of the Teatro Real.



— Will I find the videos of live broadcasts in My Opera Player in the video library?


Only some live events are archived in the video library, so not always. If this is the case, it will be communicated in the corresponding show file.



— Can I watch some audiovisual content for free before buying a ticket or subscription?


In all the opera, dance, concert and family sections you can find trailers or extracts of the titles in the video library free of charge.



Availability of the service outside of Spain

Most of our video library is available internationally, but certain titles or live events may not be available for devices connected from outside Spain due to copyright restrictions. In the corresponding file, it is specified if there is any kind of restriction.



Any other questions?

Contact our support service, via email:



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