Promo Masterclass de Leigh Melrose | Rossini


Masterclass by Leigh Melrose: Rossini

Gioachino Rossini

23 min
Spanish , Italian

The Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía invites leading artists to give masterclasses and share their knowledge and experience with its students.


Leigh Melrose is an internationally acclaimed Australian baritone who combines traditional repertoire with frequent forays into modern and contemporary opera. On this occasion, Melrose dissects with Raquel del Pino, student of the Cátedra de Canto "Alfredo Kraus" Fundación Ramón Areces, a piece by Gioachino Rossini: "O tranquillo soggiorno", from the opera Sigismondo. Breathing, phrasing, pronunciation? Melrose reviews the tools necessary to undertake a work by the summit of bel canto: Rossini.

Gioachino Rossini

Sigismondo - "O tranquillo soggiorno"


Leigh Melrose

Raquel Del Pino Herranz, learner

Madalit Lamazares, piano accompanist