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Le coq d'or (The Golden Cockerel)

Nikolái Rimsky-Kórsakov

2h 10 min
Spanish , English

"It’s a superb production of Rimsky-Korsakov’s radical squib, where Kosky contrives to place his signature touches at the service of the satire rather than diluting it". ★★★★ Opera Magazine 


The Golden Cockerel is a satirical blend of Rimsky-Korsakov’s work and a century of Russian opera. The composer uses more outlandish elements of Pushkin’s story to create multiple comic situations, with nods and winks to Russian culture. By showing Dodon as a Don Quixote-like figure, suffering from oblomovism, Rimsky-Korsakov is mocking the Tsars. And by developing the Oriental theme – much more than Pushkin does – he is not just using the music to enhance the mysterious oriental princess’s powers of seduction: he is also introducing some echoes of the Russo-Japanese war and the beginnings of the Revolution. Unsurprisingly the Tsar of the time, Nicholas II, largely censored the work and Rimsky-Korsakov therefore never saw his final masterpiece performed. Australian director Barrie Kosky, who is both a Russian opera aficionado and a highly skilled stage director, can be trusted to bring all its symbolism and comic energy to the fore.

Music by Nikolái Rimsky-Kórsakov

Production of the Opéra de Lyon

Orchestra and Chorus of the Opéra de Lyon


Artistic team

Conductor | Daniele Rustioni

Stage director | Barrie Kosky

Set designer | Rufus Didwiszus

Costume designer | Victoria Behr 

Lighting designer | Franck Evin

Choreographer | Otto Pichler

Playwright | Olaf A. Schmitt



Tsar Dodon | Dmitry Ulyanov

The Astrologer | Andrey Popov

General Polkan | Mischa Schelomianski 

Tsarina Shemaka | Nina Minasyan

Amelfa | Margarita Nekrasova

Afron, Son of the Tsar | Andrey Zhilikhovsky

The Voice of the Golden Cockerel | Maria Nazarova

Tsar Guison | Vasily Efimov

The Golden Cockerel | Wilfried Gonon


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