El amor brujo PROMO


El amor brujo

Manuel de Falla

1h 40 min

A revision of the piece that Víctor Ullate premiered on May 28, 1994 at the Maestranza in Seville. For this new occasion, scenery and costumes are new, seeking to give greater prominence to the light -the fatuous fire-, present throughout the plot. In this version a groundbreaking musical bet is carried out with the inclusion of the dark ambience group "In Slaughter Natives", which adds to the musical effects created by Luis Delgado for the original version and that lead the viewer to a journey between life and death, a journey to the afterlife.


The work, written by Falla in the early twentieth century and with a markedly Andalusian character, delves into gypsy mysticism, approaching love in its most primitive and essential form. It tells the story of Candela, a gypsy girl, whose love for Carmelo is haunted by the specter of her former lover. A story of love and passion, of tears and grief, of witchcraft and seduction, of death and dance.


The choreography contains moments of great beauty, such as "Canción del amor dolido", "Romance del pescador" or "Canción del fuego fatuo". It should be noted that this version includes three popular songs written by Manuel de Falla: "Nana", "Polo" and "Asturiana", as well as a variation by Paco de Lucía for "José el eterno amante."


A new version of El Amor Brujo, different in its forms, but eternal in its essence.

Music by Manuel de Falla, Luis Delgado and In Slaughter Natives

Choreography by Víctor Ullate

Victor Ullate Ballet

Principal Orchestra of Teatro Real


Artistic team

Choreographer | Víctor Ullate

Choreographic Direction | Eduardo Lao

Conductor | Josep Vicent

Set and Lighting Designer | Paco Azorín

Lighting Design Assistant | Pedro Chamizo

Costume Designer | María Araujo

Dyeing Workshop |  María Calderón

Video Creation | Greyman

Sound Designer | Miguel Lizarraga


Cantaora | Estrella Morente

Guest Artist | Rubén Olmo

Guitar | Pedro Sierra


English National Ballet
Vincenzo Lamagna
Akram Khan, English National Ballet
Royal Opera House
Frederick Ashton
Charles Cole, Frederick Ashton
Royal Opera House
Joby Talbot
Christopher Wheeldon, The Royal Ballet